Passion has always been driving us


Exclusive custom-built furniture

Loeven Morcel :
The Story,
The Difference,
The Brand,
The Emotion.

Since 1991, Loeven Morcel has established itself and sets the standard on building custom high-end furniture in Montreal. Proud of its local success, it has also collaborated on large projects in Canada and United States. We are located in The Rosemont neighbourhood where we strive to pursue our mission to stimulate creativity.

The latest
to serve a craft
as old as
the hills.

As strictness in precision is essential to be successfull in our trade, we equipped our shop with state of the art tools to obtain the highest standards.

Quality control
every step
of the project.

We specialize in the conception and fabrication of residential, commercial and architectural high end custom furniture.

Our shop is equipped with all the necessary tools to take on your project from fabrication to finishing. This is our way to ensure and control an exceptional end product.

To finalize the process and make sure you are fully satisfied with your purchase, we can also provide delivery and installation by one of our skilled cabinetmakers. Pride is driving them, as they themselves might have built your furniture!

Alain Morcel
Founder, president
Éric Daigle
Partner - production manager
Anthony Noury
Foreman - Cabinet Maker
Dirk Lindert
Foreman - Cabinet Maker Photographer
Guillaume Lanctôt
Cabinet Maker
Jean-Sébastien Gagnon
Cabinet Maker
Ingbert Kilian
Cabinet Maker
Yaseena Pirani
Cabinet Maker
Marc-André Fecteau
Cabinet Maker
Patrick Massicotte
Cabinet Maker
Jean Cauchon
Draftsperson, Project Manager
Claudie Daoust
Assistant Finisher and Coordinator
Jean-Baptiste Gellé
Sabrina Morin Bélair
Skyler-Dominik England
Assistant Finisher
Alain Barsacq
Cabinet Maker
Miki Furuuchi
Eliott Lordon
Cabinet Maker
Guy Thériault
CNC operator
Akilah Reynolds
Marketing stategist