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Summit Crescent Residence


Dirk Lindert photography


Integrated living room furniture, Integrated dining room furniture, bedside table.



In collaboration with the client


Loeven Morcel


Oak on stained quarter


Dirk Lindert photography
 Summit Crescent Residence

Volume and uniform textures

The design of this custom furniture is based on the continuity of long and clean lines. The functionality of the areas is ensured without sacrificing the aesthetics of the project.

“ Their attention to detail is exceptional. They always complete projects, large or small, on time and exactly as you expect.  Everything fit perfectly as it always does.  I can’t say enough good things about Loeven Morcel! ”

The client


We are proud that all operations are carried out in Montreal by trained cabinetmakers and experienced finishing specialists. Twenty passionate men and women fuel our determination to offer a quality product and an exceptional experience.